1. The NITRO protocol punishes market dumpers by taking away from their sell orders. This provides better peace of mind for the investor, but also heavily incentivizes profit taking on TWAP updates.
  2. The NITRO protocol incentivizes buyers to buy the dip by providing bonus tokens: This makes dips less like to keep dipping, as they say.
  3. The funds taken from sellers are distributed to stakers at The Shop. As long as there are people selling $LAMBO, you have a passive income.
  1. We’re initializing the NITRO protocol with a balance of 494 $LAMBO (~= $75,000 USD on Uniswap Listing)
  2. The percentage split between how much of the removed tokens from sellers goes to the NITRO protocol vs. stakers in The Shop will always be able to be changed. If we see that the NITRO protocol is running out of funds — we can change the percentage to support it, and when it’s to a healthy amount, we can instead have more go to stakers. If, Big IF, the NITRO protocol runs out of funds, the bonus tokens owed to users will always be able to be claimed once the NITRO protocol can afford it. It’s just a matter of when.




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